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Hand rejuvenation is rapidly growing in popularity because, after all, there’s just no reason to let your hands give away your age when they don’t have to. Foxhall Dermatology in Washington, DC, offers hand rejuvenation procedures that can address virtually any issue, including age spots, fat loss, ropy veins, and skeletal-looking hands. Highly regarded dermatologist Susan Elliott, MD, will customize a hand rejuvenation plan for you, so don’t hesitate to book online or by phone now.

Hand Rejuvenation Q & A

What are the most common cosmetic issues for hands?

Because your hands get a lot of exposure to the elements, just like your face does, they can show signs of aging before the rest of the body. In fact, you might remember sunscreen for your face but forget it for your hands, making the hands age even faster.

This exposure combines to cause problems like age spots and lines. In addition to that damage, your body loses some of its natural collagen and elastin with age, leading to prominent bones and obvious veins.

Fortunately, hand rejuvenation treatments can help your hands look as young as you feel again.

What can I do about age spots, lines, and sun damage on my hands?

For age spots, lines, and sun damage on your hands, Dr. Elliott may prescribe Retin-A or other medical strength topical creams or solutions. These treatments can fade spots, decrease skin translucence, and boost collagen production. Other options can include all of the following:

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are another great choice for sun damage, lines, or age spots. A chemical peel can peel the outermost damaged skin layers away to leave you with the younger-looking skin below it.


Microdermabrasion, a popular choice for skin polishing in the face, also works well for the hands. It can immediately slough away dead and damaged skin to expose healthy skin below.

Light treatments

Fractional skin resurfacing and intense pulsed light (IPL) are both light treatments for age spots, lines, and sun damage. IPL can also help with small spider veins.

Often, a combination of treatments gives you the best results.

What if I have bony or veiny hands?

If you're unhappy with prominent bones and veins, hand rejuvenation can help. Dr. Elliott may recommend dermal fillers, particularly Radiesse®, to create an extra layer that simulates a healthy fat layer in your hands. This greatly reduces the prominence of bones and veins, but if you have very large or obvious veins Dr. Elliott may also recommend sclerotherapy.

In sclerotherapy, Dr. Elliott injects a solution in the target vein. This solution aggravates the vein walls, and the vein closes off in response. Because the vein's sealed, it's no longer getting blood supply and will eventually wither and die. The blood and vein tissue are harmlessly reabsorbed into your body.

If you’re interested in hand rejuvenation, book online or call Foxhall Dermatology anytime for an appointment with Dr. Elliott.