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Rosacea is an inflammatory disease of the skin, which usually begins in the 30’s and may last into late middle age.  It is slightly more common in females and may seem to be associated with peri-menopause in some cases.  It is chronic and may be progressive, but it can be treated and controlled.

Rosacea begins with flushing or blushing – often triggered by sun, spicy foods, hot beverages, or alcohol.  It may progress through an acne-like stage with red bumps.  Some cases end with severe cystic acne and swelling of the central face (rhinophyma).  Rosacea may also affect the eyes.

Treatment options are many.  It is important to recognize and avoid trigger factors.  Topical treatments with sulfur or antibiotics may be helpful.  Systemic antibiotics, and occasionally prednisone, may be used.  Several laser and light based therapies may be employed (click to photodynamic therapy for acne and IPL).  In short, each patient is unique and therapy should be tailored to specific needs at any given point in time.



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